AIM, founded in 1996, is a leading provider of laser based process alignment services, laser machine alignment and laser measurement systems. We service many different industrial fields, but specialize in metals, paper and plastics. We offer our customers flexibility, and personal service required to support their industry. With over 65 years of combined experience, we are able to solve complex process problems.
The experts at AIM provide more than just measurement data. AIM is an industry leader in laser based measurement and alignment services with the ability to solve complex process problems. Our achievements in process improvements are second to none. Our experienced engineers and technicians have in-depth process knowledge and are trained in the use of advanced laser based measurement equipment and methods. AIM personnel hold several patents on laser equipment and processes. Simply put, AIM can do things no one else can. Learn more about the AIM ADVANTAGE.
Safety – AIM believes it is ethically and professionally responsible to practice safe work habits. Your business can have peace of mind knowing that AIM employs efficient field service technicians and has gone more than 8 years without an OSHA recordable accident. We use OSHA approved Class II lasers. We have a proven work record of safe work practices.
What We Offer:
• Safe work practices and safety record
• Flexibility. We are easy to work with!
• Repeatable and traceable data (NIST)
• Experienced based analysis
• Use of single baseline setup (GDT)
• Efficient field service engineers and technicians
• Visual computer-generated reports
• Solutions
Services Provided:
• Geometric position measurements
• Mill window and roll position surveys
• Strip position surveys
• Dynamic position analysis
• Consulting
• Preventive maintenance programs
• Machinery installation alignment